Hi, I´m Kathy Rabus

Food coach, nutritionist and caterer

Imagine waking up …

fresh and full of energy, inspired and with a calm sense of body awareness.

Sounds good?

Well, you can start by eating happy, healthy food.
I would love to help you with that.

Food is the source of life

I love what I do, because I can help my clients to find a happy, sustainable view on eating and living.

You can't buy happiness.

But you can order a delicious smoothie.
That’s kind of the same thing.

What I do


Waking up in the morning – bursting with energy. Dancing through the entire day full of great inspiration & vitality and finally understanding your own body’s language. Impossible? No! Not at all! This will all kick off once you start focusing on your diet – the source of our life force.

If you are asking yourself what the best diet should be, the answer lies right inside your own body. Listen carefully to it! Your body knows exactly what, when and how much food it needs in order to stay healthy. Grant its wish and it will reward you with an abundance of energy!

My job is to assist you in regaining the awareness of your own body as well as focusing on yourself, your life and your own personal needs.

  • Be happy throughout the whole day
  • Reach sportive goals
  • Suitably arrange your life around your own personal needs
  • Enhance mental performance


If you would like a personal planning to support and optimise your health & diet as well as your well-being, especially for challenging situations such as:

  • Extreme physical performance
  • Competition preparation
  • Movie production

Then please contact me!

I offer private catering services for up to six people, focusing on each and every individual needs, supporting you to regain well being and reach your ambitious goals. If you have already found the right diet for you, I also prepare meals according to your specific requirements. If not – no problem! Together we will develop a healthy diet that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs – and you will feel the difference.

All the products and ingredients I use are strictly:

  • Organic and Fairtrade
  • Natural, wholesome, living foods
  • Sugar free
  • Produced from sustainable farming


I am very thankful to work with such wonderful people.
They teach me every day.

Joshua Henry

While shooting the film “The Lake”, I had to play a Navy Seal who stayed in excellent physical condition. I was really fortunate to have Kathy Rabus on set catering my meals daily. Some days I’d work out twice a day and film for four hours in scuba gear. What’s great about Kathy is that she customized my nutrition based on what I had to do physically that week. She helped me stay lean and gave me the right meals and snacks to keep me energized during an exhausting four month shoot. The next time I shoot in Germany, I hope she is on set!

Matthias Schweighöfer

Actor and Musician
Kathy makes my day – whether during long shooting sessions or rehearsals in the music studio. She is improving my vitality and energy balance with amazingly prepared meals!

Darius Gerhardt

Singer, Pedagogue and Martial Artist
Ich kann nur jedem ans Herz legen, sich von Kathy beraten und stärken zu lassen! Sie tut dies auf eine Weise, die nicht nur sympathisch und kompetent, sondern auch sehr lebensnah und authentisch ist, fern von Dogmen und Glaubenssätzen.

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I’d love to hear from you

If you have any questions, if you want to work with me or if you simply want to learn more about what I do:
Drop me a line, I’ll be happy to get in touch.